Daskalova house Museum - Tryavna, Bulgaria
Daskalova house Museum - Tryavna, Bulgaria
Daskalova house Museum - Tryavna, Bulgaria
Daskalova house Museum - Tryavna, Bulgaria
Daskalova house Museum - Tryavna, Bulgaria

Daskalova house
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Daskalova house Museum - Tryavna, Bulgaria

It is build for two of the sons of hadji Hristo Daskalov. At the blessing of a home on St. George’s day – year 1808 the master Dimitar Oshanetsa and journeyman Ivan Bochukovetsa placed a bet and for six months they made magnificent ceilings-suns in the two rooms/odaya of the home. The suns still caress the guests of the Daksalova house with their rays. Here, in year 1963, the only one of its kind Museum of woodcarving art was opened, presenting the development of the oldest Revival woodcarving school – the Tryavna school, from the earliest shepherd’s carving, through the carving, adorning the wood in the house architecture, home iconostases – so loved and skillfully crafted by the people of Tryavna, to the deep and plastic carving, adorning the church iconostases, bishop’s thrones made by the first masters of Tryavna. The restoration of a carving workshop tracks the preparatory process of woodcarving, there is a carving toolkit displayed. An important focus of the exhibition is placed on the woodcarving collection – sculpture figures of Bulgarian kings, bas-reliefs of Bulgairan revolutionaries, Revival figures, works of Gencho Marangozov - one of the famous masters– woodcarvers of Tryavna. 


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Daskalova house Museum - Tryavna, Bulgaria


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