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Daskalova house
With the incredible carved ceilings-suns of master Dimitar Oshanetsa and journeyman Ivan Bochukovetsa.
The Raykova house
A typical example of the Tryavna school of architecture. Is was built in year 1846 by the craftsman of Tryavna – Dimitar Sergyov
The Old School
Built between year 1836 and year 1839; one of the first secular schools in Bulgaria; also known as the Slaveykov School
Angel Kanchev House
Built at the beginning of ХІХ century. Native home of the revolutionary Angel Kanchev – companion and loyal assistant of Vasil Levski
Pop Angel House
Architectural Monument
Pop Angel House
The oldest architectural monument on the territory of Tryavna from the second half of the 18 century
The Slaveykov house
Built around year 1850 House of Petko Slaveykov and his son Pencho Slaveykov – one of the greatest poets of Bulgaria
Kazakov Art Gallery
Art Gallery
Kazakov Art Gallery
Exhibition hall showing modern and Revival art
Tryavna iconography school
The exhibition tracks the development of the oldest Revival iconography school in Bulgaria– the Tryavna
Asian and African Arts
Showing over 200 exhibits from Nepal, Tibet, China, India and some African countries, dating from ІІ- ХХ century
Art Gallery
Art Gallery
Art Gallery
Place for visiting exhibitions
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