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Natural landmarks in Tryavna, routes and eco paths

Balgarka Natural Park

The total area of the territory of the park is 22,022.12 ha and encompasses territories in the municipalities of Tryavna and Gabrovo.

Within the park there are separate protected areas and natural landmarks:

  • Studeniya kladenets protected area– 64.3 ha
  • Mahchenitsa-Yovovtsi protected area - 63.7 ha 
  • Vikanata skala protected area – 0.5 ha 
  • Mahnatite skali protected area –7.4 ha 
  • Stolishta protected area - 1.7 ha 
  • Tisovo nahodishte – natural landmark – yew trees – 0.6 ha 
  • Centenarian beechwood – natural landmark

The forests are mainly of broadleaf deciduous and mixed forest and bush lands.

The largest areas are taken by the broadleaf lands: beech, different types of oak – Turkey oak, sessile oak, English oak and Hungarian oak, hornbeam, acacia. The coniferous species are represented by spruce, Scots pine and Black pine.

The representatives of the animal kingdom are: of the predators: wolf, fox, jackal; of the large mammals – bear (endangered species), red deer, roe deer, wild boar – all of them subject to international hunting tourism. Small mammals –European hare, hedgehog (protected for hunting), Eurasian red squirrel (protected species for hunting), Asian badger, beech marten, wildcat. Birds: lesser kestrel, Sparrowhawk (protected for hunting), wood pigeon – subject to international hunting tourism, Great Spotted Woodpecker, European Green Woodpecker, rock dove, cuckoo, common Buzzard (protected for hunting), common Kestral (protected for hunding), white Wagtail, Eurasian Collared Dove, Eurasian Jay, Common Magpie, Common Blackbird, Great Tit, House Sparrow.

Tryavna Tourist hiking route– Bozhentsi Architecture historical reservation

2.1 First option: Tryavna – Cherni vrah
Tryavna (The Clock Tower) – village of Zelenika – village of Velentsi – Cherni vrah peak
Green marking, duration – 2 hours, highest point – 779 meters above sea level.
An easy and pleasant route, suitable for any age; going through Balkan villages; towards the end from the high hill of Cherni vrah peak there is an spectacular view towards the ridge of Stara planina.

2.2 Second option: Tryavna – AHR Bozhentsi 
Tryavna (The Clock Tower) – Brashlyan hotel – to the west along the ridge - AHR Bozhentsi
Blue marking, duration - 2 hours, highest point– 732 meters above sea level.
A wonderful family excursion through a broadleaf forest, hills and meadows at the foot of the Balkan.

2.3 Third option: Tryavna – AHR Bozhentsi
Tryavna (The Clock Tower) – Brashlyan hotel – Zmeeva dupka cave – village of Genchevtsi – the Propastite area – AHR Bozhentsi

Yellow marking, duration – 2 hours, highest point – 638 meters above sea level.
Easy and energizing outing through picturesque forests and meadows.
Tourist hiking route from the railway station Bazovets
Tourist route 1: from railway station Bazovets through the Malak and Golyam chukar peaks to Bazovets peak and the Stenata area

Green marking
Duration: 30 minutes

The way goes along a picturesque old cart road, bypassing the Malak and Golyam chukar peaks, to Bazovets peak to the north. From there to the west the route comes to the Stenata locality – a genuine natural phenomenon, from there the whole beauty of the Tryavna Stara planina and the Predbalkan spreads. On Bazovets peak there is a big tourist shelter with a fireplace and on the Malak and Golyam chukar peaks there are benches placed with a table and a small tourist shelter for rest. The way back goes over the peaks themselves, following a refined trail in the woods.
Tourist route 2: from Bazovets railway station through the St. Sofia, Vyara, Nadezhda i Lyubov chapel, St. Ivan Rilski chapel, Tsarskia Kladenets area, Krastets railway station.

Green marking
Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes
From the station along the steep path, the St. Sofia, Vyara, Nadezhda i Lyubov chapel can be reached. There is a big tourist shelter built near it, with a fireplace and a children playground.

Through the ancient beech forest one can reach St. Ivan Rilski chapel and Krastets peak, the Tsarski kladenets tourist shelter. All places with panoramic views have benches with tables for rest. 

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Natural landmarks in Tryavna, routes and eco paths
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