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The Old School Museum - Tryavna, Bulgaria
The Old School Museum - Tryavna, Bulgaria

The Old School
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The Old School Museum - Tryavna, Bulgaria

The Old School Museum - Tryavna, Bulgaria

Built between year 1836 and year 1839

One of the first secular schools in Bulgaria. It was founded as a school with a monitorial educational system in the autumn of year 1839. In year 1849 the people of Tryavna invited Petko Slaveykov to be a teacher in Tryavna, and he founded a class school in this building. He introduced the studying of music, fine arts, and physical education classes. In the autumn of year 1850, at the Tryavna school the first annual examinations were held. The changes made by Slaveykov are so many and so significant that even today the Old school is also known as the Slaveykov school. Now this building houses:

a restoration of a room such as those of the school with a monitorial educational system, in which anyone can go back to the beginning of 19 century and to try to write on sand, to read from the tables of the school, to familiarize himself with the austere requirements for the students in the school of the Revival period, to decorate himself with a token of achievement and take one as a souvenir;

the donation of paintings and plastics of the artist with a world known reputation – Dimitar Kazakov – Neron and his brother Nikola Kazakov, exhibition of old clocks, among which a clock with reversed movement of hands, a clockwork of a tower, gravitational clock; documentary exhibition, tracing the history of the educational work in Tryavna.


Tryavna, Bulgaria
7, Captain Dyado Nikola sq.
(the clock tower square)
Tel. +359 899 705 045

Every day, 9:00 - 17:00
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The Old School Museum - Tryavna, Bulgaria


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